Domestic Pigeons (14 Pics): Care, Pros and Cons

People have been breeding domestic pigeons since time immemorial. It is difficult to say where they first began to tame these smart birds since the habitats of wild pigeons are very extensive.

#1 However, images of doves with noticeable signs of selection work were found among the murals of Assyrian and Phoenician buildings, as well as on the walls of the ancient Egyptian pyramids.

Pigeons are bred for various purposes: for training, participating in sports competitions and exhibitions, certain breeds are grown for the sale of delicious pigeon meat, rich in a complex of vitamins and minerals.

#2 One way or another, breeding domestic pigeons requires special knowledge about the characteristics of these birds and the rules for compulsory care for them.

There are many breeds of domestic pigeons. For example, at the moment in Western European countries and the United States, it is quite common to raise pigeons for meat.

#3 For these purposes, the breeds of Modena and KinFor these purposes, the breeds of Modena and King are used.g are used.

These large birds have a massive chest and heavyweight, up to one kilogram. As a result, birds have lost the ability to fly.

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