Chicken (15 Pics): Care, Pros and Cons

Chicken is one of the most popular and common types of poultry. Belongs to the pheasant family, the genus of comb chickens. The male Chicken is called the rooster, the chick is called the chicken. Banking jungle chicken is considered the progenitor of domestic chicken. Over the centuries of domestication, people were able to breed many different breeds.

#1 Depending on the breed, chickens have different weights, approximately 0.8 – 5 kg, and also differ in feather color, egg color, size and some external features.

Roosters are usually larger than females, they have brighter plumage and a long tail. With age, spurs form on the legs of the rooster - bone outgrowths. Chickens and roosters have a goatee and comb, which act as a thermoregulator and ensure normal blood flow to the skin. The comb of a rooster is much larger than that of chickens, it is hardly noticeable in chickens. The forms of the comb can be leaf-shaped with teeth along the edge, pod-shaped, etc. Despite the fact that chickens have wings, they are incapable of long and high flight.

#2 About 200 breeds of domestic chickens are officially registered, but in fact there are more of them

According to the economic orientation, the following types of chickens are distinguished:

Egg chickens (high egg production);

Meat chickens (large breeds of meat direction);

Meat chickens;

Fighting chickens (created for cockfighting);

Decorative chickens (have special plumage);

Vocal chickens (singing of these chickens is appreciated).

#3 Chicken incubation

Domestic chickens reach sexual maturity by 6 months, however, not all females are capable of independently breeding chickens.

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