Drunk Man and Crocodile

An Australian gentleman, after drinking in a bar in the town of Broome, decided to mingle with crocodiles. For some reason, they seemed to him cute animals deserving attention. To fulfill the need, the man went to the nearest nature park. There he made his way into the aviary and perched on the crocodile’s back.

In the confrontation between a drunk and a crocodile, there were no victims, almost …. The man managed to choose the largest male combed crocodile in the park. The length of Fatso is 5 m, and the weight is more than 600 kg. The crocodile is very strong and the rider was saved only by the fact that the crocodile got stuck in the corner of his aviary and was not able to quickly turn around. But still, Fatso managed to punish the impudent person by tearing his leg thoroughly, tearing his muscles and skin. The man ran, even got to the pub, where he waited for the ambulance to arrive.

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