Not Only are the Bites of Poisonous Snakes Dangerous

In India, in the village of Bhatpor, a man was bitten by a poisonous snake. For India, the phenomenon can be said to be familiar. The victim was lucky, he was rescued by his friends Bhupendra and Rathod. Having thrown stones at the snake, they helped the bitten one. But the story had a continuation.

The snake’s body caught the attention of friends. Bhupendra offered to eat the snake Rathod as a bet. The price of the issue was 100 rupees, which is about 2 dollars. A 35-year-old man considered the amount sufficient, grabbed the snake, and swallowed it. It turned out that the danger to people is not only the bites of poisonous snakes but also their corpses. The swallower began to vomit terribly, so violent that a doctor was called. Ratkhod was taken to the hospital, where gastric lavage was performed. Fortunately, on time – the snake venom has not yet had time to greatly spread throughout the body and the man recovered.

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