Emerald Cockroach Wasp

There is a whole group of wasps – parasitic ones. They usually use the host as an incubator for their eggs and larvae. One of the most remarkable of these is the emerald cockroach wasp (ampulex compressa).

The cockroach wasp lives in Africa and South Asia. This small 1.5-2 centimeter wasp chooses 2-3 times its size as a victim of tropical cockroaches. Noticing a suitable cockroach, the wasp injects it into the body and head. The first injection is simple – it must immobilize the “body”.

But the second supply octopamine to the brain. This substance deprives the cockroach of will, it becomes practically a zombie. The wasp does not even need to drag a motionless cockroach. The paralysis disappears, the octopamine works, and the wasp simply leads him by the whiskers to his den. It turns out breakfast delivered to your home.

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