Everything About Lucky the Cat From the ALF (TV series)

The Tanner television family not only had an unusual pet in ALF. No, they were proud owners of a cat too. Strictly speaking, ALF was an alien anyway. The cat’s name is Lucky, but the name doesn’t quite fit, because the animal shouldn’t be happy. The reason? Alf, unfortunately, liked that to eat the cat!

The Essentials in Brief

  • The Tanner’s cat is called Lucky and is likely to be a British Shorthair.
  • On ALF’s planet Melmac, cats are considered a delicacy. ALF tries, again and again, to eat Lucky.
  • To do this, he always comes up with new tricks.

Lucky the Cat From Alf, But Alf Eats Cats

Cat lovers have always enjoyed the pretty cat from the cult series ALF. With her white fur and dark, brown-gray spots, she was a real feast for the eyes. It belongs to the cat breed American Short-Hair.

Alf and Cats: ALF and His Cat Tricks

One of the running gags of the series is ALF’s persistent hunger for cats. On his home planet Mermac, the little velvet paws are considered true delicacies. From the beginning, Alf liked Lucky to eat. And his appetite won’t let go of him. Again and again, he asks his family, the Tanners, for permission to eat the cat. You say no, of course. Over the years his hunger for murder on the little tiger subsides. In the last episode of the series, ALF dies a natural death: on his deathbed, he admits that he now likes cats – no longer as a culinary delight.

Alf Ate Cats: Legendary Feeding Attempts

ALF tried, again and again, to catch Lucky in order to eat him. The scenes from the following episodes are legendary:

Alf Episode: Bad Luck

As a result, Bad luck wants to hypnotize Lucky. This is to make her pretend she is a fish so that he can eat her better. Father Willie Tanner watches Alf. When Lynn Tanner and the family return to their house after a weekend trip, it is completely devastated. Alf had no storm – and everyone believes that he has finally eaten Lucky. He only celebrated a little.

Alf Episode: Jump into the Depths

In Leap in the Deep, Alf builds a cat trap: cat food lies on a kind of scaffolding. If the cat climbs up to eat the food, a metal bolt falls down on it. Fortunately, the trap is never used. Lucky survived.

ALF and Lucky: Warner Bros Series on Youtube

If you want to enjoy Alf and his unforgettable cat hunts again, you can do so on YouTube. Fans posted a few amusing recordings. In any case, nostalgic feelings are awakened!

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