Fila Brasileiro Dog: Temperament, Weight, Height

Name: Fila Brasileiro

Other names: Brazilian Bloodhound, Brazilian Molosser, Brazilian Mastiff, Cao de Fila, Cao de Brasil
Country of origin: Brazil
Size Type: Large Breed Dogs
Group: Working Dog Breed
Life span: 9 – 11 years
Temperament: Determined, Loyal, Obedient, Obedient, Brave, Courageous
Height: Females: 60-70 cm; Males: 65-75 cm
Weight: Females: 56–72 kg; Males: 63–81 kg
Color: Black, Red, Yellow, Brindle
Price of puppies: $1,000 – $1,600 USD
Hypoallergenic: No

Fila Brasileiro Dog. Average cost: $1,300 USD

The Fila Brasileiro is a large working dog breed bred in Brazil.

The Fila Brasileiro is a molluscoid breed with large bones and many folds of skin. Despite all their massiveness, dogs are naturally very agile. A large, heavy, massive head with a deep muzzle. The ears are large, thick, lowered to the sides, or folded back when at rest, revealing the inner surface. The limbs are characterized by strong bones. They are harmoniously built, feline graceful, and, among other things, are distinguished by a powerful physique. Majestic, imperturbable, proud, but somewhat melancholic expression of the eyes. It is always calm and confident. Never has a lost or scattered look. If you get its attention, then its appearance expresses decisiveness and vigilance, combined with a decisive look.

Brazilian Bloodhound, Brazilian Molosser, Brazilian Mastiff, Cao de Fila, Cao de Brasil

Determined, loyal, obedient, brave, courageous.

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