How Long Do Golden Retrievers Live?

The Golden Retriever is an amazing breed of dog. They are friendly, peaceful, accommodating, loyal friends and excellent lifeguards. In addition, retrievers are wonderful nannies who take care of the owner’s children as if they were their own. It is not uncommon for them to be chosen as guide dogs, rescuers, or service dogs. They are quite dexterous, smart, and have a quick reaction. They do not have to wait and hear the command to rush to the aid of a drowning person or run into a burning house to get a child out of the flames. The salvation of people is in their blood. You can talk endlessly about the merits of this suit. And, if you are reading this article, you probably already gave preference to Goldens. What kind of care is required, what temperament traits, and how many years the golden retriever lives are the main topics for today.

Golden Retriever: Brief Historical Background

Retrievers became known to the world more than one hundred and fifty years ago thanks to British breeders who worked hard on the breed standard. The breed was originally intended for hunting. The dogs cleverly coped with the task, to get the game out of the reservoirs and bring it to the hunters. But, thanks to their qualities and abilities, as well as love for humans, retrievers conquered the whole world and moved from the category of a hunter to the category of pets.

Rumor has it that among the progenitors of the Goldens there are spaniels, setters, pointers, labradors, and yellow dogs, the breed of which has remained a mystery. Not without Russian blood. Lord Twidmunt, engaged in the selection and staying in Russia, was amazed at the ability and skills of the Caucasian shepherd dogs, so he managed to take a couple with him. It was the Caucasian Shepherd Dog who completed the formation of the breed, making it the one we now know.

Golden Retriever: Temperament

Retrievers are ideal dogs for novice dog breeders. They are easy to educate and train. They always try to please the owner and will do their best to please. They are very sociable and active, so they will be happy to spend time with their family, going on hikes and outings.

Golden has a big heart, unable to love just one. All family members, without exception, will be enveloped in love and affection. For the same reason, dogs are bad watchmen; it makes no sense to chain them in the yard. They are unlikely to be able to react aggressively to a stranger. But, if someone is in danger, the attacker will know the full strength and power of this suit.

Dogs of this breed are not conflicting, they will never be the first to get into a fight and will not start a brawl. They will make every effort and effort to dodge and get away from the conflict. Therefore, walking with retrievers is a pleasure.

But, it is worthwhile to understand that it is still necessary to educate the animal. Due to its friendliness, the dog, not realizing its sometimes frightening appearance, can rush to play with the kids or get acquainted with the adult it likes, pretty much frightening them.

Golden Retriever Care

If you have a golden retriever in your house, there will be no problems with leaving. It is enough to bathe it once every two months, comb out the coat at least once a week and do a hygienic haircut once every three months. You should also monitor the condition of the eyes and ears. It would be nice to purchase special means for washing and cleaning as the prevention of infectious and viral diseases.

Remember to trim your nails, especially if your walking area is a stadium or other earthy area. If you walk in parks and alleys with asphalt, most likely, your nails will grind off by themselves.

Nutrition deserves special attention. The lifespan of the Golden Retriever depends on the quality of the products and the correctness of the selected type. It is best to give preference to dry food since they contain the daily norm of vitamins and elements necessary for full development at different stages of life. Choose dry food according to the age and physiological characteristics of the animal. Don’t be fooled by advertisements or advice from friends. Remember, what’s good for one may not work for your pet. Do not skimp on feed – it will play a cruel joke with you. Having saved money, in the future you will have to give your best for treatment.

Golden Retriever Lifespan

The average lifespan of a golden retriever is twelve to fifteen years. Moreover, this indicator is influenced by literally everything. Of course, first of all, this is genetics and what is laid down at birth. Therefore, do not skimp when choosing and buying a puppy, choose only experienced breeders who have documented the health of their dogs.

Also, the quality of life, nutrition, and activity of animals also affect life expectancy. A sedentary image is not about retrievers. They need moderate physical activity, a lot of positive emotions, and contact with people. Only then will your retriever live with you as long as possible!

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