How to Choose a Basset Hound Puppy

Think carefully before choosing a Basset Hound puppy.

The appearance of a little basset in the house will certainly brighten your life with new colors. Not always rosy. The Basset Hound is an unusually interesting, charismatic pet, but not too easy to bring up. Therefore, you should think about it only if you do not take endurance and patience, and also if you have experience in keeping dogs.

For a purebred basset hound puppy, it is better to go to a special kennel or to a trusted breeder. In this case, you have a chance to acquire a healthy pet, not burdened with bad heredity. In addition, a good breeder will not refuse recommendations regarding the care and upbringing of a puppy, and he himself will certainly dump a tub of information on you – both about the breed as a whole, and about the merits of the parents, and will also take care of tracking the fate of the baby and help you with advice in case of difficulty.

Visit several exhibitions, chat with experts to at least slightly understand the breed.

Study the pedigrees of your parents.

Decide what your puppy is for. If you want to shine at exhibitions, you need a show-class pet. If you choose a companion, listen to your heart.

Evaluate the conditions of the puppies, the condition and nutritional status of the mother. The room should be light, spacious, and tidy.

A healthy Basset Hound puppy is plump, agile, with a good appetite and clear eyes. The coat is smooth, the skin is clean. Nose and eyes – no discharge. The bite is correct. There are no creases on the tail. There should be no hernia on the tummy. Straight and plump legs are a sign of a strong skeleton of a basset puppy. Pedigree dogs have a stamp, the number of which is indicated in the puppy’s documents.

Gender selection is a matter of personal preference, there can be no one size fits all advice.

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