How to Choose an Irish Wolfhound Puppy?

Before purchasing an Irish wolfhound puppy, you should study the information about the breed, observe adult animals at exhibitions, and, if possible, communicate with them.

It is important to understand that the Irish wolfhound will grow from a tiny puppy into a huge beast, which is not quite suitable for living in an apartment and living in an urban environment. In addition, the lifespan of the wolfhound should be considered, which is significantly less than that of medium-sized dogs. Other features of the breed should not be overlooked, for example, the amount of food required per day, active walks, a developed hunting instinct, at the same time, a huge dog requires more money.

If nothing scares you and the irresistible desire to become the owner of a dog of this particular breed has not disappeared, then you should decide on the purpose of acquiring a dog, namely, you need a dog for the ring, breeding, or as a companion.

What to Look for When Choosing an Irish Wolfhound Puppy?

To begin with, you should spend some time with the kids, watch them and their parents, if there is no dog, then you should ask the breeder about his health, achievements, ask for photos. Parents should be physically and mentally healthy and friendly. If you plan to buy a puppy for the ring, then you should ask for pedigrees, evaluate the appearance and compliance of the parents with the standard. It will not be superfluous to inquire about the age of the bitch, what kind of litter she has – planned or not. The fact is that after seven years, the bitch is considered already old, and should not give birth, since the risk of giving birth to weak and not healthy puppies increases.

When choosing an Irish wolfhound puppy, you should pay attention to the behavior of babies and give preference to balanced, curious, and mobile crumbs, those who do not fight with their brothers and sisters and do not huddle in a corner. However, an overly friendly puppy is likely to be just as friendly with strangers in adulthood. On the one hand, this is not bad, but on the other hand, the animal will not be an obstacle for thieves, it will not be able to distinguish between bad people and good people. Taking inactive, detached, shy and the smallest from the litter should not even be out of pity, because in the future, you may have to spend a lot of time, effort, and money on its treatment, upbringing and there is no guarantee that the animal will live long.

The relationship between the female and the puppies is also important, as well as the conditions in which they are kept. Alertness should be caused by gnawed furniture, a dirty sleeping place, dirty bowls.

The breeder should be asked if the puppies have birth defects. It is the responsibility of the responsible breeder to perform all tests for such defects, such as portosystemic liver grafts. In addition to tests, vaccinations, deworming should be done.

The appearance of the puppies should indicate that they are healthy: clean coat, clear and clean eyes, clean ears, appropriate proportions. In addition, the puppy should stand firmly on its legs, the tail should be long and below the hock joint, the body should be long, bony, and powerful legs.

The optimal age at which you can pick up an Irish Wolfhound puppy is 6-12 weeks. You should not buy 5-week old babies, and if the breeder does not mind giving them at such an early age, then it is better not to have anything to do with him. It is impossible to wean a puppy at this age from the mother because he receives the substances necessary for growth and healthy immunity with her milk, and if weaning is too early, he experiences severe stress. These puppies have slow growth, a depressed emotional state, weakened immunity.

When purchasing a puppy at an older age, it is important that he already understands primitive commands, responds to the nickname, was accustomed to a leash and collar, toilet.

Before the final purchase, it is better to come to the kennel several times and talk with the puppies, in the process of communication it will be possible to get to know them better and look after the best.

A responsible breeder will not be indifferent, he will definitely ask questions about the conditions of keeping the puppy, the purpose of the purchase, tell the main aspects of the maintenance, and answer all questions.

The color of an Irish wolfhound puppy does not affect the price, and if the breeder is trying to increase the price, explaining this by a rare color, then most likely he wants to cash in on an inexperienced buyer.

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