Hunting with a Ferret

An interesting type of hunting is hunting with a choir. This animal was domesticated more than 2000 years ago. The history of this species is rather confusing, but in the 70s of the 20th century, scientists, based on genetic examinations, proved that furo is an albino form of the black ferret (Mustela putorius furo). In particular, Da Vinci’s painting “The Lady with the Ermine” depicts a furo, not an ermine.

Ferret hunting rabbit

The animals are sociable, easily tamed and perfectly hunt, live 6-12 years. In particular, they are used for hunting rabbits, which is widespread in Germany and some other European countries. The process proceeds as follows. Because rabbits are naturally the food of the ferret, then, when the animal is etched, they are brought to the discovered burrow and released inside. The rest of the exits from the burrow are covered with nets (if there are many of them, then some of them can be covered with earth) and arrows are tripled nearby. The furo’s task is to examine all the minks and drive the rabbit out under the shot of the hunters. This type of crawl hunting is much more effective than traditional ones due to the peculiarities of the game: nocturnal lifestyle, the habit of staying by the hole and hiding in it in case of danger.

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