Interesting Facts About Axolotls

This incomprehensible creature looks like some kind of cartoon character. But it is the most real thing. Scientists named it albino axolotl and this creation from the body of a fish, frog llamas, and a Pokemon’s face is not as simple as you might think.

Axolotl Facts for Kids and Adults

axolotl facts and information

In fact, it is a salamander that lives exclusively in the lakes of Mexico. And the ability of this creature is such that any person will envy – it can grow any damaged or lost organs.

There are, of course, animals that can restore lost limbs and tails, but the axolotl surpassed them all. It can also restore the jaw, heart, and eyes. And this is the only vertebrate that can grow fragments of its own brain if they have been damaged. He also has one more amazing trick – during the loss of one paw, the axolotl can “just in case” grow two.

The appearance is also not in vain so ridiculous – for all their skills, these creatures can assemble themselves like a puzzle from parts of other representatives of their species.

Roughly speaking, if you mix the pieces of these creatures, then it is quite possible that they will grow together into something that will stand on its frog paws and go to solve its axolotl problems.

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