Japanese Terrier Breed Profile

The Japanese Terrier, also known as Nihon Teria, is full of life, playful and loyal. He is a wonderful and loving companion who needs to be close to his family and often needs to be the center of their attention. Although he is quite active and energetic, he also makes a good lap dog that should not be left home alone. He often locks on to a person he loves and barks at those he doesn’t know or dislike.

Overview: Japanese Terrier

Otherwise, he is a peaceful and polite dog. At times he can be very sensitive and demanding and will do anything to please his caregiver. He is easy to train and learns fairly quickly. However, since it is sensitive, you need a lot of patience and calm during training.

Japanese Terrier at a Glance

  • Also called Nihon Teria
  • Good watchdog
  • Very loyal and affectionate
  • Loving and cuddly
  • Peaceful and polite
  • fond of children
  • Needs lots of exercises
  • Likes to learn and perform tricks

He can be very silly at times and loves to learn and show tricks to his owners. He is always ready to play and loves to play with balls and his toys. It can also happen that he collects all his toys and puts them around him. Associated with this is the request to deal with it.

Lots of Exercises Needed

He needs his daily walks on a leash. You can also let him run around without a leash in the fenced area. He gets along well with other dogs and pets, especially dogs of his own breed. Living with smaller pets can often cause irritation. The Japanese terrier, on the other hand, loves children and likes to play with them.

With his keen senses, he makes a good watchdog, able to hear the slightest sound whether he’s awake or asleep. He is guaranteed to warn you of intruders with his loud barking.

The Appearance of the Japanese Terrier

The Japan Terrier is 30 to 33 centimeters tall and weighs between seven and twelve kilograms. He has a short, smooth, and shiny coat. It is tricolor, predominantly white, and its head is black.

The Care

His coat should be brushed every few days. Some owners prefer to brush their coats more often so that dead hairs are brushed out sooner and don’t end up lying around the house later.

The History of the Breed

The Japanese Terrier is a very rare breed that is also considered to be very uncommon in its home country. It is originally descended from the Smooth Fox Terrier that came from Holland in the 17th century and was then crossed with the dogs of Japan. He was bred to hunt vermin. Over time, he also became more and more popular as a lap and companion dog. He received his final appearance according to the breed description of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in 1930.

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