Make Way for Sonya!

Sonyas are small and medium-sized rodents that look like mice (terrestrial forms) or squirrels (woody forms).

In one of the counties of South Wales, by the way, perhaps the poorest one, a problem arose. The development of the territories required the expansion of the highway. But there are forests around the road, and Sonyas live in the forests. Sonyas are such small rodents, leading a predominantly nocturnal lifestyle, moving through trees, and hibernating for the winter. The roads became impassable cordons for them and were divided into small limited populations. And since Sonyas are endangered and listed in the European Red Data Book, people had to make an effort. The government has allocated about £ 190,000, or about $ 300,000, for the construction of three bridges over the freeway. Now Sonyas have the ability to cross the road, meet with relatives and expand their gene pool.

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