Wild Boars & Domestication

It is known that wild boars became the progenitors of all varieties of domestic pig breeds. The breeds differ in many indicators, a person tried to adjust the features of the original species to his needs – there are meat-type breeds, there is bacon, there are meat ones. There are many special growing technologies, for example, obtaining “lard with layers” by alternating types and modes of feeding. But it is natural not only the acquisition of new qualities by artificially bred breeds but also the loss of some of the original ones. Domestic pigs have become more pampered, thermophilic, demanding on the quantity and quality of feed, and immunity has weakened.

And now, due to the crisis, Ukrainian villagers are switching to the cultivation of the original species. In the village of Malinovka, Ternopil region, a whole happy family of wild boars lives in one courtyard. The boar even allows the owner to scratch himself behind the ear and very favorably accepts such tenderness. Once the head of the four-legged family managed to escape, but the fugitive did not go beyond the vegetable gardens, because at that time he was offered delicious milk. In the next enclosure, there is a mother-pig with almost one-year-old children. The owners are very pleased with their pets, because wild pigs eat much less feed and do not require a lower quality, warm, heated pigsty, they are healthy and vigorous in any weather. Their meat is tasty and not so fatty. Considering that the first wild boar has become 10 times cheaper practically on grazing forage with zero energy consumption, the owners plan to give him a second pig and try “wild” pork for the New Year’s table.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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