Obese Beagle: Weight Chart & Overweight

Proper care and maintenance, a competent and balanced diet, regular physical activity are important for both humans and animals. All this together lays the foundations for health and longevity.

Beagle dogs gain weight quickly. Hence the tendency to obesity, due to which various health complications arise and chronic diseases are acquired. In this case, of course, everything is in the hands of their owner.

I think first we need to talk about the characteristics of this breed in order to better understand how to properly take care of your pet.

Beagle Dog Breed Info

Beagle is a fairly popular breed with English roots, belonging to the category of hounds. Very active, cheerful, with an inexhaustible flow of energy, she was originally bred to hunt hares. Currently, he is an excellent guard of a house or apartment, as he has a sufficiently sonorous and shrill voice, as well as a faithful companion and assistant to his owner. Distinctive features of the animal are short legs and long hanging ears.

As a hunting dog, the pet has a fairly high level of immunity. An energetic and curious dog for the same active owner. As a true hunter, he is always on the move and looking for prey. They are distinguished by perseverance, bright mind, self-confidence, emotionality. A good dose of patience with your dog will come in handy.

Puppies just need to be regularly challenged both physically and emotionally. This will help the proper development of the skeleton and muscles, and the release of energy will help unload the nervous system. Choose between family walks in the park or an adventure in the woods where the beagle will unleash its natural hunting instincts.

As a dog grows up, it can become lazier and lazier, stay at home and run only to its bowl. However, this should not be allowed, knowing about possible problems with weight in an adult beagle.

Beagle: Best Weight Loss Diet

The easiest way is to use premium, ready-to-eat, balanced foods that contain all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs. This will greatly simplify the ability to control nutrition, and the owner can be confident in the correct feeding of the dog. The daily portion is indicated on the pack and is determined depending on how much the beagle weighs and the number of years of its life.

The second way is a natural diet, that is, side with experienced and respectable dog breeders. When starting a pet of a hound breed, be prepared for the indispensable attributes of daily feeding:

  • the basis of the meal will be meat without fat, offal,
  • porridge in meat broth (buckwheat, rice, oatmeal),
  • low-fat dairy products (cottage cheese, kefir, fermented baked milk),
  • vegetables, fruits.

Strict adherence to portions and feeding schedule is important. Do not dispense the entire daily ration at once, feed twice a day, do not leave uneaten food in the bowl after feeding.

For excess weight gain, an adult beagle dog is first examined for the presence of a waist from top to bottom. Then they try to feel the ribs along the spine. If the results are not encouraging, then you should immediately reduce the portions of food, increase physical activity and the duration of walks.

Beagle Weight and Height Chart (Month & Age)

1 month – competent and balanced nutrition (5-6 times a day) during this period is very important. The puppy is actively growing and gaining weight. Control over the size of the pet is a must. At this age, the beagle should weigh about 3-3.5 kg, and its height should be about 20 cm.

2 months – feeding 5-6 times a day, weight about 6 kg with a height of 23-26 cm.

3 months – feeding 4-5 times a day, weight about 6.5-7 kg with a height of 27-30 cm.

4 months – feeding 4-5 times a day, weight about 8.5-9 kg with a height of 32-34 cm.

5 months – feeding becomes four times a day, weight is about 11-11.5 kg with a height of 34-36 cm.

6 months – gradually switching to a three-time feeding regimen. During this period, the dog should gain its main weight and height, namely: the beagle weighs around 12 kg, height up to 37 cm.

7 months – feeding 3 times a day, weight about 12.5 kg with a height of 37 cm.

8 months – feeding 2-3 times a day, weight about 13-14 kg with a height of 38 cm. From this age, the active growth of your pet slows down and remains approximately in this interval. The weight of a beagle can vary by 1-2 kg – this is not critical. If more, then the diet is waiting for your pet.

9 months – two meals a day, weight about 14-15 kg with a height of 38 cm.

10 months – feeding two times a day, weight about 14.5-15.5 kg with a height of 38-39 cm. This is already an adult dog.

As you can see, it is not difficult to feed a beagle dog correctly and efficiently. The main thing is to choose an option that is acceptable and suitable for you, and strictly follow it. And the animal will definitely thank you for its excellent health and well-being.

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