Palawan Island Pearl Farm

Pearls are different – in color, shape, origin. The brightest white and brilliant are grown in Japan. And in the South Seas, they produce the richest palette of colors.

But among all types of pearls, there is a completely unique one – gold. It is grown only in one place – on the Jewelmer pearl farm located on the Philippine island of Palawan. This farm is run by Jacques Branellec. It was thanks to its own scientific developments of specialists that the farm managed to create a cultivation technology in which pearls are really golden in color, and not sprayed on top, as usual.

Pearl cultivation technology seems simple enough. A small seed, “raw”, is implanted into a young oyster, which the oyster will cover with layers of mother-of-pearl in 2-5 years. The color of a pearl depends on the oyster, on the environmental conditions (temperature, solutes, etc.). And only Pinctada oysters build up their golden mother-of-pearl.

The director of the Jewelmer pearl farm has been in this business for 38 years and knows that the process of growing pearls is truly unique and unpredictable.

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