Unbiased Chippin Dog Food Review for 2022

During the winter of 2021, celebrity actor Leonardo Di Caprio treated us to an exciting throwback of the classic movie Titanic. He jumped into a frozen pond to save his two dogs – Jack and Jill – from imminent death. The celebrity is not only a loving dog owner but is also passionate about the planet. 

Are you a dog owner who is also passionate about the planet? You may not have the resources and influence like Leonardo, but with innovative companies like Chippin, you and your furry buddy can help save the planet. 

Chippin is a dog food company that wants to change the pet food industry. They provide sustainable and nutritious pet foods and treats. If you are head over heels about your pet and the planet, read on and learn more about Chippin’s products and how the company is disrupting the over $90billion pet food industry.

A brown dog next to a bag of Chipping dog food
Fido loves his Chippin dog food!

About Chippin

In 2018, Chippin’s co-founder Haley Davidson spent hours looking for high-quality and delicious pet food that was planet-friendly. She couldn’t find any, and that’s what the grim truth struck her – more than 180 million dogs in America, didn’t have pet foods that promote sustainability. She got cracking and teamed up with a friend to form Chippin. 

Chippin is a pet food company dedicated to environmental sustainability. With a range of dog treats and food toppers, the company appeals to planet-sensitive dog owners and allows them to chip into the big picture. The pet foods are not just planet friendly, they are also dog friendly – developed and checked by an expert team member – board-certified veterinary nutritionist, Dr. Beth Hamper. The products will not only ensure your pet leaves no carbon paw prints, but also not leave your dog feeling sick


Today, Chippin has a variety of dog treats and food toppers to help every planet-conscious dog owner make a healthy difference for their furry buddies and a positive change for the environment. 

Chippin Products

Chippin has two main categories of pet products – dog treats and dog food toppers. Here’s more about the foods and the ingredients. 

Chippin’s Silver Carp Jerky: This soft and chewy omega 3-packed training treat contains sustainably sourced silver carp and sweet potato. Silver carp contains the 10 essential amino acids and omega 3 oils helping a dog’s coat look shiny. Sweet potato is a healthy and natural source of energy and fiber. 

Cricket Jerky: This revolutionary protein-packed dog treat contains cricket protein, carrots, and sweet potato. Cricket protein is one of the novel ingredients used by Chippin and it is a hit among pets and their owners. It is easier to digest, and as science proves, it is also richer in protein. The treat is excellent for strengthening digestion and nurturing growth. 

Superfood Treats: This treat contains peanut butter, pumpkin, and cricket protein. It is a hypoallergenic, Omega-3-rich treat that dogs love. Pumpkin fiber also makes it great for digestion, ensuring dogs don’t get constipated

Smokehouse BBQ: This is a crunchy, smoky-flavored treat containing natural hickory smoked flavor, oats, cricket protein, and tomato. It’s an excellent summertime snack that’s easy to digest and packed with healthy nutrients. 

Spirulina Dailies: This vegetable-packed treat contains Chippin’s second nutrient-dense novel ingredient—spirulina. A head-to-head comparison with meat showed that the algae contain twice as much protein and more health-giving nutrients. It also contains kale and carrots which supply much-needed vitamins and fiber. One could say spirulina dailies are the perfect vegan dog treats. 

Antioxidant Treats: This is a healthy antioxidant-rich treat packed with cricket protein, blueberry, and bananas. The ingredients combine to deliver a potent portion of antioxidants that neutralize disease-causing elements. 

Cricket Food Topper: It contains four main ingredients—cricket protein, sweet potato, pumpkin, and apple cider vinegar. You can sprinkle it on top of your dog’s food, mix it with some water to form a paste that can be used in chew toys, or mix it with water and form a broth. It is excellent for gut health and tastes great – perfect for picky eaters.

Other ingredients in Chippin products include oats, flaxseed oil, sunflower oil, tapioca starch, honey, cinnamon, and cane molasses. 


Pricing and Opinion

Although slightly on the higher side, due to the effort, research and dedication, Chippin products are fairly priced. Most products fall between $19.99 and $21.99 per pack. You can purchase the products from the company’s website or other major stores like Amazon and Petco. If your dog loves Chippin’s treats, the company encourages you to subscribe to their monthly packages, and you can enjoy great discounts. However, if your dog doesn’t like Chippin, they have a cash-back guarantee! 

How Chippin is Disrupting the Pet Food Industry

The global pet food industry is worth over $90 billion. Most manufacturers (especially the big corporations) use traditional proteins like beef, chicken, and pork as the main ingredients in dog foods. As a result, American pets are the fifth largest meat consumers globally. This is not such a good statistic, especially for millennials who make up a significant portion of pet owners and care for the planet. 

The products are helping to save thousands of gallons of water, reduce dependency on traditional commercial food production methods, use recycled materials for packaging, and carbon neutral processes. Chippin’s products are penetrating the hearts of pets and their owners, gradually replacing traditional products (even those deemed more nutritious) due to the planet’s appeal. The company also sources from the US and verifies its suppliers. Financial models show that the company’s annual sales have grown to over $1million, and the founders appeared on Forbes Under 30 list in 2020.   

What Dog Owners Say About Chippin

Apart from buying more Chippin, the number of dog owners falling in love with Chippin products and the company values is steadily growing. Nearly 80% of reviewers on Amazon give Chippin a good rating; seven out of ten rates it excellent. These dog treats and food toppers have solved many problems like digestive issues and poor feeding habits. Plus, they taste great and are nutritious.


Chippin dog treats and dog food toppers are worth the try. But before you serve your pooch, consult a vet and get their opinion about your considerations. The products will help you take practical steps towards saving the planet. But saving the planet is not the only motivator. Chippin’s products are tasty and super healthy – worth the space in your dog’s food bowl.  

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Written by Alice White

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