What Can Be Found Underwater?

Usually, underwater we expect to meet fish, some other exotic animals, plants, in warm seas we hope for corals and other brightness, well, as a last resort, a galleon with gold bars. But in Mexican Cancun, scuba divers can discover completely unusual views under the surface.

There, not far from Isla de Mujeres, sculptures by master Jason deCaires Taylor are located underwater. The first copies in the amount of about one hundred pieces were lowered in shallow water in the Cancun National Marine Park in 2009. To date, more than four hundred sculptures have been found under the ode.

The idea behind the museum is to create a distraction for tourists. More than 300 thousand people annually come to the Caribbean coast in this region to dive and sunbathe. At the same time, the underwater flora and fauna suffer greatly, which tourists not only disturb, but also violate the way of life with all their might.

The underwater sculptures should eventually become the basis for the coral reef. Thus, the center of the tourist flow will shift towards an artificial reef, and natural biotopes will remain in peace.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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