You Brought the Cat Home. What’s next?

Learn how to help your kitten get used to its new home faster!

What do I need to do before bringing a cat home?

Before your new pet’s furry paws wander around the house, take some time to equip its own space, making it a safe, calm and comfortable place to live from, from which the kitten can gradually begin to explore the whole house. Place the kitten in a quiet room, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The first minutes of a kitten in a new home

Place the portable crate on the floor and open the door, allowing your new pet to walk outside. He must have a good sniff first before he finds his couch. And only after the kitten has explored every inch, every nook and cranny of the room, pick him up and see if he is tired.

Kittens love to sleep a lot – because they, like no one else, need rest. And after the excitement of driving and exploring a new home, your pet will definitely want to take a nap – so try to cope with the urge to play with the kitten right now, giving him the opportunity to explore the environment on his own, and then calmly rest.

When it’s time to eat, offer your pet some food, but don’t be surprised if he doesn’t have an appetite – it’s not uncommon for cats to refuse food when they are anxious or stressed. All that is required of you is just to give your pet time to get used to the new environment, and you can be sure that his appetite will return very soon.

Familiarity with the family

Once the kitten has rested and got used to the new environment, it is time to introduce him to other family members. This is a truly exciting moment, but still, try to remain calm and ask everyone in the household to do the same. Before you get to know your new pet, sit on the floor and agree with other family members to follow one single rule – that you can only touch the kitten if he comes to you himself. Ask the children not to argue or grab each other, otherwise, it may scare the kitten. If your pet tries to hide, hiding in a corner, then try to lure him out of there with a toy or gently contact him to calm him down – but in no case force him to leave the shelter.

A great idea would be to use a spray or spray containing synthetic feline pheromones to help the kitten feel safe and make him feel more calm and relaxed. If you decide to use nebulizers, then one or two bottles will be enough for the whole house.

Synthetic pheromones are almost indistinguishable by the smell from natural substances produced by the body of cats. These pheromones are used by our pets to greet other cats with a friendly attitude, as well as to mark familiar objects around the house.

Once the cat has settled into a new home …

As soon as your kitten feels confident, he will immediately begin to rush around the house with great speed. Therefore, be careful and watch your every step – after all, a small pet can jump out at your feet literally out of nowhere!

Soon your pet will be able to play all day, but at the same time, he will still need restful, undisturbed sleep – so give your kitten a quiet place where he can rest at any time without risking being disturbed. This will help your pet get used to the new environment as soon as possible – and all you need to do is just stick to the traditional daily routine and not deviate from the original rules, especially when feeding, stroking and playing with your pet.

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