10+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman is a strong and intelligent dog. The breed was bred for service purposes, but now the dogs are not as aggressive as they used to be. They are graceful, quick-witted, and loyal. Often used for guarding or protection, but can become a companion or pet. They have a very keen sense of smell, a developed instinct to defend their territory. Therefore, the Doberman breed has been one of the most popular for many years.

General characteristics

The Doberman is an artificially bred breed. Its founder, Louis Dobermann, had a goal of getting a strong, fearless, and intelligent protector. Therefore, he crossed the most intelligent, hardy, and evil dogs. The first dogs were even aggressive and were used for police and security service. Now Dobermans have become calmer and safer dogs, retaining all the other positive qualities.

It is now a versatile breed. Doberman is a protector, guard, devoted friend, companion. This temperamental family, a strong dog, is friendly to all people, and provides security for its family, protecting it from any threats. Representatives of this breed are hardy, strong, and efficient. They have a very sensitive scent, because of this, Dobermans got into the Guinness Book of Records.

Thanks to their natural intelligence, intuition, and quick wits, they are easy to train, they can be taught anything. These pets are curious, love to learn, are able to make independent decisions, so it is very important to send them in the right direction. With proper upbringing, this pet will become a source of pride for the owners. After all, elegance and proud posture make the Doberman an aristocrat among other dogs.

It is safest to keep this dog in a private house with its own territory. But Dobermans live well in a city apartment. The main thing is to walk a lot with your pet, as it needs a lot of physical activity. It is also not advisable to have a Doberman in a small apartment, as it is a rather large breed.

Character and upbringing

This dog will vigilantly stand guard over his family. He is smart and quick-witted. But each representative of the breed is a person with his own character. A distinctive feature of Dobermans is that they consider themselves the masters of the house. They will protect the property, the site, the owner’s children, their safety. Therefore, you need to take this pet out into the street wearing a muzzle and on a leash.

A properly trained Doberman should become a friend, a reliable protector, and a caring nanny for children. According to the requirements of the representatives of this breed, they are kind, obedient, peaceful, and safe for others. Disqualify aggressive individuals at the exhibition. After all, this quality is not inherent in the character of the dog. Wrong upbringing, lack of socialization, or excessive strictness of the owners make them so.


The Doberman is an unpretentious pet. He lives well in an aviary or in a house. Despite the overall dimensions, the dog does not require much space. If it is enough to walk him, he will be calm, will not bully and impose his society. Caring for an adult dog is also simple. Dobermans are distinguished by good health, unpretentiousness in nutrition. The smell has short hair, there is no dog smell, moderate shedding.

You need to walk the dog for at least 2-3 hours a day. In winter, it is necessary to wear warm overalls, since the Doberman has no undercoat and they do not tolerate the cold well. If the dog lives outside, sun protection is necessary. And for the winter, the pet must be taken into the house.

Hygiene procedures are the same as for other short-haired dogs. It is necessary to periodically wipe it with a damp cloth, comb it with a stiff brush. After a walk, be sure to wash your pet’s paws, if necessary, and the stomach. It is recommended to bathe completely several times a year.

Pet’s eyes and ears require care. They need to be wiped regularly and examined for inflammation. Otitis media often develops in uncropped ears. To prevent the appearance of tartar, you need to brush your teeth regularly. It is especially important to monitor the condition of the mouth in puppies, avoiding inflammatory processes.


Dobermans have many positive qualities, due to which they have become popular not only in the field of service dog breeding but also among ordinary lovers. The most common advantages of these pets are:

  • the versatility of the breed is manifested in the fact that Dobermans can be used for protection,
  • police service, search and rescue operations;
  • they can work as guides for the blind;
  • unlimited devotion to the owner;
  • elegant appearance;
  • high intelligence and great learning ability;
  • balanced psyche;
  • strength, endurance, fearlessness.


But before you start a Doberman, you need to find out what disadvantages this dog has. A pet is not suitable for everyone; with the wrong upbringing, it can become vicious, aggressive, and uncontrollable. He needs an active owner who can become an authority, communicate with the animal calmly and firmly. But the Doberman should not be turned on by unbalanced people, lovers of sitting at home, or phlegmatic people. Most often, the following disadvantages of these dogs are noted:

  • recognizes only an authoritative owner;
  • they are stubborn, wayward, they can make decisions themselves;
  • sometimes they are aggressive, can fight with other dogs, rush at people;
  • they definitely need high physical activity, long walks.
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