12+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is a medium-sized dog with a kind, cheerful disposition and high intelligence. Shih Tzu is a great choice for pets. A puppy can become a star of the show catwalks and a simple pet of the whole family. Dogs of the Shih Tzu breed for many years lived exclusively with the Chinese emperor, to export them outside the country is strictly the emperor. Over time, the prohibitions eased, and pets have won the hearts of people around the world. Some reports claim that a dog of this breed was a favorite of the Buddha. Nowadays, getting a Shih Tzu is pretty simple. The main thing is to weigh all the pros and cons of the breed.

Description and characteristics

Aristocratic and graceful dogs are distinguished by a harmonious and proportional physique.

The animal does not need high physical activity to keep fit. The Shih Tzu color can be absolutely any. The most common are white dogs with golden strands. Only the nose is colored black. Rare and unusual colors include silver-white. In this case, the nose can be not only black but also dark gray.

Energetic and fragile, tough and tender, Shih Tzu captures the smallest shades of the owner’s mood. All the centuries-old selection of the breed is aimed only at this: to be close to the owner, to live and breathe for him. Whatever the head of the family does, wherever he goes, the Shih Tzu will be there. At the same time, dogs show an exceptional sense of tact: representatives of the breed are unobtrusive and patient. They are incredibly attached to people and do not tolerate loneliness very well.

Shih Tzu is regal proud and slightly mannered. Sometimes it seems that the dog instantly builds a “Chinese wall” around itself when meeting new people. The pride and arrogance of the first contacts are deceiving. Shih Tzu adores attention, and cannot stand indifference to themselves.

Dogs are very compact and are ideal for living in a city apartment; short and not tiring walks are enough for them. If necessary, the dogs can be easily transferred to the natural needs in the tray.

Smart, quick-witted, and very active. Bringing the training into a kind of game is captured on the fly, memorizing commands and various tricks.

An important fact: the breed is very silent. They are calm and peaceful, caring, and always ready to keep company. The little companion dog is a true homemaker.

Care features

The main “headache” of Shih Tzu care: the luxurious coat of the breed. Dogs need to be brushed every day. Careful and regular combing: without this coat, the dog will lose its silkiness and fall into mats. In addition, the monthly use of special shampoos.

If the pet does not participate in exhibitions, a short haircut will be a good solution. Grooming for a bobbed Shih Tzu is minimal. The question remains: why have a pet with a beautiful coat and then cut mercilessly? There are many short-haired dog breeds. Only a haircut is justified for medical reasons: various allergies, skin, and parasitic diseases. All other excuses are just the laziness of the owner.

There are no more difficulties in caring for the dog. Everything is simple and standard: cleaning the eyes and ears, trimming the claws. Examinations and consultations with a veterinarian. The main thing is that the dog is accustomed to the procedure from an early age.

Power features

The specificity of the Shih Tzu food is based solely on the choice of the owner. Natural feeding – with time and effort. The basis of such a diet is raw finely chopped meat, boiled sea fish, cereals, cooked offal, vegetables. The whole line of fermented milk assortment is very useful for Shih Tzu. Vegetable and animal oils are required in the diet. In any case, in the natural form, it is necessary to control the freshness of the sources and the introduction of vitamin and mineral supplements.

Dry industrial feed facilitates the feeding process as much as possible. Dosages, age restrictions, and the presence of vitamins and minerals are prescribed in the packaging instructions. We must not forget about the freshness and constant availability of drinking water.

It is extremely important for future owners of a purebred dog to know what problems they will face in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to read reviews about the Shih Tzu in advance, comparing all the advantages and disadvantages of the breed. Only in this case, the decision will turn out to be comprehensively weighed and verified.


Shih Tzu received mostly positive certification from their masters. The breed is rated as affectionate, loyal and intelligent. Dogs are praised for their beauty and sophistication in appearance. Breeders emphasize the following benefits for babies:

  • openness, benevolence, tolerance;
  • intelligence, comprehension;
  • love, loyalty to family members;
  • playfulness.


The description of the breed focuses on the merits of the Shih Tzu. However, these dogs, along with pluses, have minuses. Animal owners tell about them in their reviews.

  • In the nature of the Shih Tzu, there are no protective qualities. The dog is very friendly towards the people around him. For this reason, she cannot be trusted with the function of a guard, and it is also necessary to keep an eye on the pet so that intruders do not take away the pet.
  • The dog is dependent on human society, misses a lot in the absence of owners, and needs constant care.
  • The pet needs to regularly comb out the hairline, subject it to grooming, and also perform sanitary and hygienic procedures.
  • When walking in wet weather, special clothing (raincoat, overalls) is required to protect against water and dirt.
  • The breed is characterized by pathologies associated with the cardiovascular, respiratory, and excretory systems. A sedentary lifestyle and overfeeding leads to obesity. In the heat of summer, long walks are dangerous for the health of the ward.
  • Representatives of the breed are allergic to food and hygiene products.
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