13+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever was originally used as a search dog that helped people find prey that had been shot while hunting. The breed was bred in England by crossing a tweed water spaniel with a yellow retriever. For the first time, the world community recognized the breed as an independent breed in 1903.


Retrievers have not been used as a hunting dog for a long time. Now she is a real friend, companion, nanny for children. More and more, the breed is being trained as support for visually impaired and blind people used to treat children with disabilities.

In rehabilitation centers, dogs help relieve stress and get rid of aggression for people with mental disorders and disabilities.

Specially trained individuals can easily save the owner from danger, pull it out of the water.

At the genetic level, dogs are devoid of the slightest manifestation of aggression, they do not know how to bite, fight with other animals. This is the most loyal and loyal breed that stays with the owner until the end of its days.

The retriever will be able to fulfill any human commands, for example, hand over the phone, kettle, turn off the water.

Brief description of the breed

The standard is considered to be individuals of average height and build with wool of all shades of golden, beige cream. The color should be uniform, without blotches of other colors.

The appearance is elegant, all parts of the body are in proportion. The dog moves with an even, calm step, gracefully.

The curved ribs make the dog’s chest strong and wide. The hind legs are strong and muscular, the front legs are long and graceful, straight. The knees are pronounced.

The coat should be straight, dense, covering the entire body of the dog. Over the body, the coat should lengthen, forming a kind of mane.


The most important plus is that dogs of this breed have high intelligence. She can be taught to do absolutely anything. The unique properties of the breed are suitable for families with children and people with disabilities.

The main advantages of a retriever:

  • Fast learner.
  • Lack of aggression.
  • The ability to be a guide dog.
  • High intelligence.
  • Compliant character.
  • Openness and good nature to people.
  • Household help.

The dog has positive thinking, can play with children for a long time, and endure all their tricks. This breed is used for filming in movies, as Goldens are natural-born actors. Often these pets can be found in American films and TV shows.

The dog is suitable for active people, as it will not be easy every morning, go for a run in the park, swim in the river in summer, go fishing, go to the forest to pick mushrooms and berries.

The pet will brighten up the loneliness of an elderly person and help him with the housework. It will not be difficult for a dog to bring a person home if he forgets the address, to transfer them across the street according to all the rules, or to help bring slippers.


Despite the fact that the dog seems ideal at first glance, it has a number of functions that can be classified as cons:

  • The animal is prone to genetic and infectious diseases. Often dogs suffer from diseases incompatible with life and die early.
  • The breed cannot guard the house. They play well with strangers, they can let any person into the house.
  • With poor heredity, a dog has mental disorders.
  • If the dog is betrayed or offended, then he will remember this for life. This will lead to the fact that it will lead to depression and death.

Disadvantages can be avoided. To do this, before buying a puppy, pay attention to its pedigree. Study several generations, see the presence of genetic diseases. This will help avoid unpleasant situations in the adult pet’s age.

Character traits

The peculiarity of Golden’s character lies in his openness and good nature. This is a dog with a surprisingly large heart. From the very first days, the puppy will become a member of a large and friendly family.

He will accompany the family on a walk in the park or on a trip. Golden does not like being alone at all, so before buying it, make sure that the dog can fit in the car.

The patience of the retriever can be envied. It can be safely kept by others with other animals.

The advantages of this breed speak for themselves. This pet will be to the liking of adults and children, it will become a real friend for many years. When choosing a puppy, listen to your heart and it will tell you exactly who to take to the house for education. Despite a number of shortcomings of the breed, there are much more pluses and they all speak in favor of purchasing the Golden. The pet can be placed in an apartment or a country house.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

Alice White, a devoted pet lover and writer, has turned her boundless affection for animals into a fulfilling career. Originally dreaming of wildlife, her limited scientific background led her to specialize in animal literature. Now she happily spends her days researching and writing about various creatures, living her dream.


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  2. Oh and the details of the cross breeding is wrong. There are actual records of the original breeding lines.

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