14+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Pug

Pugs, like other breeds, have some of the best qualities. But before you start a four-legged friend, you need to correctly assess the possibilities. To do this, you need to find out the pros and cons of the pug breed.

There has always been a fashion for dogs. If earlier they strove to have large guard dogs, now it is fashionable to have a small companion who will touch friends, attract attention with an unusual look.


This breed is kind and sociable. It is worth noting that both boys and girls, the pug breed is not overly active. They love to cuddle and sleep. Sometimes they have risen inactivity. As a rule, at a young age. The pug runs around the house and makes a mess, but this phenomenon is rare and short-lived. Pugs girls are very gentle and loving. They require more attention than boys. Pug boys are not too demanding.

Pugs girls are very gentle and loving. They require more attention than boys. Pug boys are not too demanding.

If a person does not have enough time, but really wants to get this breed, tend to choose a dog. They are more patient and more self-sufficient. A girl in the place of a dog can become sad and even get sick without the attention of the owner. Pugs are very intelligent dogs and training them is a very simple task. It is enough to find an approach, and even the most stubborn dog will succumb to training.

If you decide to relax and lie down on the couch, then your loneliness will dilute the cheerful pug girl. The boy will just watch your rest. Both males and females get along well with the whole family. They get along well with children and tolerate all their antics. These dogs are very fond of being petted and hugged. Pug girls are more vulnerable, they can get jealous if the owner pays a lot of attention to someone else.

Dental care, feeding

Separately, it must be said about the teeth of the dog. Due to the structure of the jaw, pieces of food remain between them. If you don’t brush your teeth, you may have an unpleasant odor and gum disease.

A big disadvantage that can scare people away from the pug is his snoring. A small puppy will snore quietly, but the older the pug gets, the stronger the snoring will be. But there’s nothing you can do about it, as it happens because of the flattened muzzle.

The shape of the muzzle affects the respiratory system, and in order to avoid troubles, strong overheating or hypothermia of the trade wind should not be allowed, they are harmful for a long time in rooms with dry air.

To prevent your friend from getting colds in winter at temperatures from -5, you should take him outside in clothes.


The pug definitely has the qualities to be a great pet. Let’s take a look at these characteristics.

  • Good hygiene. Pugs have a naturally smooth and short coat, which makes them pretty easy to keep clean. The only possible hygiene problem is the wrinkles on their face, which need to be cleaned regularly.
  • Energetic. Pugs, very young, are always full of energy and will happily play a variety of games with you. They will do almost anything to get your attention.
  • Small. Pugs are relatively small dogs that don’t need a large yard to run.
  • Handsomely. Pugs have unique looks and are very popular in many countries. Their charming look attracts many thousands of fans around the world.
  • Devotees. If you earn the trust, the pug will become an incredibly loyal dog. They will support and protect you always and everywhere. However, many have doubts that they can protect them from any real threat.
  • Nice disposition. Pugs have a pleasant character on all sides, which combines characteristics such as charm, sociability, playfulness, obedience, affection, and gentleness.


  • Health problems. Many owners know that this is the first thing to worry about. These small dogs often have trouble breathing, as well as hypothermia and overheating.
  • Care. Daily care of the folds on the pug’s face – they collect all the dirt that only gets into them. However, it doesn’t take too long, and a couple of regular wet wipes should be enough.
  • The dog is not for the street. If you are looking for a dog for long walks, then the pug will find it difficult to fulfill this role. These dogs walk rather slowly and tire quickly, especially in hot weather.


  • Home accustoming. This breed is relatively stubborn and long trainable, so it will take some effort and time to train your pug to the toilet and house.
  • Always near. Pugs are very dependent on their owners, which is why they always want their attention. Anytime you are at home, your little joyful pet will be there and will be waiting to play with you. Be prepared that he will not give up and will always wait for you to pay attention to him!

So, if you have answered all your questions and decided that the pug is really right for you, then you are ready to bring the puppy to your house. But take your time to buy a puppy from an unknown seller, instead, you should find an experienced and reputable breeder, and how to learn more about him and the future puppy.

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