How to Properly Care for a Cat?

A cat has appeared in your house, which means you have new responsibilities for caring for her. So let’s take a look at them!


At what age is it better to take a kitten?

The decision about what age to buy a homemade fluffy is of course for you, each decision has its pros and cons.

If you want to have a pet from an early age, then be prepared for the fact that you will have to devote a lot of your time to the kitten. The whole further life of the animal depends on the quality of care, conditions of maintenance, nutrition and education.

A kitten should be purchased at the age of at least 12 weeks, since kittens that are too small still need maternal care and are not ready for an independent life away from their mother, either psychologically or physiologically.

The better to feed a cat or cat

If we talk about the diet necessary for a cat, then you should immediately draw your attention to the fact that you will have to pay a lot of attention to the nutrition of your pet.

Feeding your cat the leftovers of an unfinished lunch or dinner means that your pet is doomed to poor health, poor digestion and low immunity to diseases. The health and longevity of the cat depend on how balanced and correct the cat’s nutrition is.

In the cat’s diet, meat must be present as the main food element, as well as cereals and vegetables.

In the cat’s diet, meat must be present as the main food element, as well as cereals and vegetables. Cats should eat raw and boiled meat, cereals, fresh and boiled vegetables. Oats, barley, buckwheat, wheat groats are useful for the health of a cat, but legumes should be completely abandoned, they are harmful to the cat’s digestion. The best meat for feeding a cat is rabbit and poultry meat since, in terms of the ratio of proteins and fats, these types of meat are as close as possible to the composition of rodent meat – a natural source of food for cats in the wild.

In addition to the rabbit and the bird, you can feed the cat with lamb, beef, it is better not to give pork. It is better to boil fish and give it no more than once a week. Low-fat dairy products are also useful, sour cream and cheese are harmful. Milk should only be given to kittens. In an adult cat, a digestive upset is possible.

The diet is also important, the number of meals in kittens is much larger than in adult cats that have reached one year of age. So an adult cat needs two meals a day, while a small kitten up to 6 months old needs 5 meals a day, and from 6 months – 4 times a day.

Both the calorie content of the cat and the amount of food matter.

In this matter, it all depends on the age of the cat and its lifestyle. The more the cat spends energy on active games, the more it needs to replenish energy. Conversely, with age, the activity of the cat decreases, and most of the time she basks in a relaxed state.

Do not forget that cats with certain diseases or during pregnancy, as well as cats that have undergone sterilization or castration, need a special diet.

There are specially formulated premium professional feeds that are designed for pets with different nutritional needs depending on age, degree of activity and presence of diseases. Pay attention to the quality and composition of the feed, the reputation of the manufacturer.

Use three different bowls to feed your cats, one for water, one for dry food, and one for wet food. Be sure to wash your bowls thoroughly and change the water regularly. Do not store opened canned food with wet food for more than one day in the refrigerator, this will help prevent poisoning of your pet.

Cat grooming

Create all the necessary living conditions for your pet, he must have his own place to sleep, a tray, a place for his bowls, a scratching post, as well as a place for outdoor games. Equip your pet with a special town with different houses, shelves and minks, where the cat will be happy to climb, jump, tumble and hide.

Good care also includes hygiene.

It is necessary to bathe the cat at least once every two months. Use special shampoos, taking into account the characteristics of the coat. You need to bathe the animal in a water temperature of 38-38.5°C, which is comfortable for the cat’s body. Blow-dry on a quiet setting so as not to scare or burn your pet.

Brushing your cat is very important. If the cat is short-haired, then once a week is enough, if it is long-haired, then you need to scratch the cat every day, and also remove tangles. The brush should match the roughness of the coat, the softer the coat, the softer the brush.

You also need to cut your nails about once every two weeks with special scissors. Be careful not to damage the blood vessel in the claw cavity!

It is necessary to wipe the cat’s eyes and nose daily with a damp swab to get rid of dark plaque. There should be no purulent discharge in the eyes, if they appear, you need to consult a doctor.

Once a week, you should clean your ears with a special ear cleaning solution. The sulfur of a healthy cat is light and does not have an unpleasant odour; if the sulfur has darkened and has a bad smell, this is also a reason to come to the veterinarian for an examination.

You should also brush your cats’ teeth if there is no solid food in the diet. It is enough to brush your teeth once a week, there is special toothpaste for cats.

The animal must be regularly shown to the veterinarian every three months. The fact is that in addition to the mandatory vaccination, it is also necessary to carry out a preventive examination since many diseases do not have any symptoms.

Regular examination by a specialist will prevent many serious diseases, and timely detected diseases at an early stage will be effectively cured without negative consequences for the pet.

Even if your cat is not on the street, she is still in danger of infection, since you yourself can bring various bacteria, viruses or helminth eggs from the street with your shoes to the house.

Be attentive to your pet, any deviation from normal behaviour in the form of refusal to eat, upset with stool, cough, vomiting, discharge from the nose and eyes, as well as passivity, apathy, unnatural postures, etc. are good reasons for contacting a specialist.

Give your cat your attention and affection. She, like any other living creatures, needs communication. In the space of your apartment, she has no one else to communicate with, but with you and your family members. Don’t ignore her, socialize, play, pet the cat. They need tactile contact, so the cat forms bonds and maintains them.

On the body of a cat, there are special glands that produce a secret with which the animal marks its space, including you. There are cases when a cat is stressed from a lack of communication, which entails negative health consequences. The psyche of an animal is closely related to its physical condition, therefore, a rude and aggressive attitude towards the animal is not allowed. Do not scold him and never hit him! Only love, attention, care and affection are necessary for the cat’s health, care and maintenance guarantee its longevity.

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