14 Pros and Cons of Owning Pomeranians

Spitz has an ancient origin. They were very popular in medieval Europe. Initially, they bore a guard function and protected the house from thieves. But in the 19th century, Spitz acquired the status of a decorative “ladies'” dog among the nobility and nobility. These cute pets can be seen on the canvases of great artists and in literary works.

Today the Spitz also has a decorative value. Both men and women give birth to them, acquire them as a little friend for children.

#1 Despite its small size, it can show watch qualities. He has good hearing and smell and feels threatened by other people and dogs. The Spitz can defend the owner (especially for the child).

#2 Thanks to the warm fur, it can walk in low temperatures and play in the snow.

#3 Suitable for keeping in an apartment, as they can be trained to go to the toilet on a diaper if there is no time to walk the dog.

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