17+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Dalmatian

The Dalmatian is a dog known all over the world for its Disney cartoon. It is a loyal and active companion, a loyal friend for all family members. He has a recognizable striking appearance with a distinctive mottled pattern on his white coat. This is a kind, sociable and cheerful dog. But he also has disadvantages, because of which problems arise for inexperienced dog breeders. Therefore, you should not start a Dalmatian without studying the breed’s factory, its pros, and cons.

Dalmatian personality

Despite their reputation as the ideal family dog, Dalmatians have a complex personality. They will not suit inactive and calm owners, they will not become a “sofa” pet. This is a very active, energetic animal. Needs regular physical activity, likes to run a lot. If you do not allow a Dalmatian to throw energy on the street, he will exhibit destructive behavior at home. Therefore, this breed is best suited for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts.

This dog has a balanced character, high intelligence. But she shows obedience and calm behavior only with the right upbringing. Such a pet is able to adapt to the owner, feels his mood, and tries to do everything he asks. Dalmatians are kind, not aggressive, do not fight and protect strangers. But if danger threatens, they boldly rush to the defense. Caution is not characteristic of this dog.

These dogs love children, tolerate their tricks. Their character is childish – the same playful, active and restless. This kind of dog will deliberately not harm the child. Although it is not recommended to leave them alone with babies. This is a rather large, active dog, sometimes even violent, he can accidentally push a child. But for school-age, Dalmatians become best friends and loyal protectors.

Dalmatian does not single out one owner, treats all family members equally. This dog requires constant attention, loves to participate in all human affairs. Therefore, it is hard to endure loneliness, will be bored, and can gnaw things. It gets along well with other pets, even cats. Many owners call it a “holiday dog”. After all, it is a bright, artistic, cheerful, and energetic pet that can cheer you up.

Features of the content of Dalmatians

The Dalmatian is a rather large and active dog. It is best to keep it in a private house, where there is a place to run on the site. But the pet must live in the house. Due to its short coat and lack of undercoat, this dog does not tolerate cold well. It is even recommended to wear warm clothes for her in winter. You can not put this dog on a chain or keep it in an aviary. Psychological trauma can develop from loneliness.

With any method of keeping, the Dalmatian needs long active walks. Better if it will be jogging, playing on a dog playground. This dog will be happy to accompany the owner on a hike, bike ride, jogging. By splashing out energy on the street, he will behave more calmly at home. And so that the pet does not get bored, you need to buy him more different toys that he will gnaw in the absence of the owner.


It is not difficult to take care of the coat, it is short, does not fall off, and does not smell like a dog. It only sheds throughout the year, especially in autumn and spring. It is recommended that you brush your pet with a special brush or rubber hand 2-3 times a week.

Bathing a Dalmatian is often not worth it, although the white coat gets dirty quickly. You can wipe it with a damp towel after a walk. It is imperative to wash your paws well, especially in winter, as reagents can cause irritation on the road. For washing, you need to choose hypoallergenic shampoos, these dogs often have allergies, dermatitis. Regularly you need to monitor the condition of the ears and eyes of the dog, trim the nails, brush the teeth.


These dogs gained wide popularity not only thanks to the Disney cartoon. This dog does have many positive qualities. If nurtured correctly, she will become an ideal pet and companion. Dalmatians have such advantages:

  • expressive, attractive appearance;
  • good-natured, cheerful character;
  • they are sociable, they make good contact;
  • easy to learn, quick-witted;
  • good for children;
  • loyal, affectionate, love people, and know-how to empathize;
  • strong, hardy, can make independent decisions, thanks to a dangerous situation that can save
  • the life of the owner;
  • live peacefully with other pets;
  • balanced, stress-resistant;
  • do not show aggression;
  • with the right upbringing, it is a docile, obedient dog.


But the breed is not suitable for everyone. Elderly people, couch potatoes, and those who are not at home for a long time should not start it. This dog is rather large and active, so it is difficult to keep it in a city apartment. She needs constant attention and great physical activity. Those who want to get a Dalmatian to need to know its cons:

  • noisy often give voice;
  • early socialization and strict education is required, otherwise, the dog will become
  • uncontrollable;
  • you need to walk, run for a long time, without physical exertion, the dog can destroy the house;
  • stubborn seeks to dominate;
  • can be vindictive and touchy;
  • the coat sheds heavily.
Alice White

Written by Alice White

Alice White, a devoted pet lover and writer, has turned her boundless affection for animals into a fulfilling career. Originally dreaming of wildlife, her limited scientific background led her to specialize in animal literature. Now she happily spends her days researching and writing about various creatures, living her dream.


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  1. Everything that is mentioned above is so true. We have a ten year old Dalmation called Domino. We waited until one of us were retired before getting him from a local breeder. We live near a forest and he is there twice a day. Now he is ten he is getting arthritis and some days we have to limit his walks to once a day, or he will suffer at night and stiffen up. But as we are both now retired he has kept us going throughout lockdown. Our daily walks in the forest a life line. At home he still like to play and will drop a ball at my feet which I have to throw down our hall or tug a rope. Once he has had a play he likes to sleep.He is so faithful and friendly, never barks at other dogs, will tolerate little dogs who bark at him. He still looks gorgeous with his pure black ears and black eyes. I still get young women say, isn’t he gorgeous. I could go on and on. Dalmation are a really wonderful pet if you have the time to spend it with them.

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