15 Historical Facts About Siberian Husky Dogs You Might Not Know

Over the past decades, huskies have gained immense popularity. They are kept in apartments, shown at exhibitions, admiring their extraordinary beauty. But in fact, such a bright color and blue eyes appeared relatively recently and were created purely for exhibitions. Modern huskies are descendants of sled dogs of the Far East, or more precisely, Eskimo huskies.

#1 The word “husky” can be interpreted as a distorted “Eski”, as the Eskimos used to be called.

#2 Huskies come from the Far East, where they actively hunted and fish, always with the help and obligatory participation of dogs.

Usually, the owner kept at least nine dogs - that is how much is needed for a dog harness.

#3 The Chukchi really needed a dog, which was able to overcome not only huge distances, but also transport a person and goods from places where seasonal hunting took place to camps.

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