Siberian Husky: Care

Proper care of your husky is impossible without well-organized physical activity. Huskies need a lot of physical activity. Renowned sled racers, amazingly resilient, agile, and strong, these dogs are not created to sit in an apartment or an enclosure. Therefore, you should provide for the possibility of regular long active walks, as well as letting the dog run without a leash – in a safe environment, best of all – in a large fenced area. Therefore, it is best to keep a husky in a house with an area for walking, keeping a husky in an apartment is very difficult.

At first, walk your pet exclusively on a leash. Huskies are passionate bums and run away easily. They will never attack anyone, but they may well run-up to “meet” a passer-by. And since the dog is rather big and has a “wolf” appearance, this may not cause delight in the object of a sudden outbreak of passion.

Outside the city, representatives of the breed are quite capable of imagining themselves as hunters and returning with prey in the form of someone’s chicken or duck. Therefore, be vigilant.

An important part of husky grooming is proper grooming. Husky – clean dogs, skin, and coat have no smell. It is not recommended to wash them more than once a year. So make sure that while walking, your pet does not fall out in a puddle of mud. If this does happen, try to remove the dirt with a damp, soft sponge.

Taking care of your husky coat will take some effort on your part. The excellent condition of the coat can be maintained with weekly brushing. Huskies molt twice a year. During shedding, the thick undercoat is combed out daily to facilitate this process and so that your apartment does not fill up with pieces of matted wool.

It is best to purchase a special grooming hairbrush from the pet store. They will not tear the undercoat and break the outer coat. You should also purchase special Husky shampoos, since you cannot use human shampoo on your fur friend. The right shampoos can keep their fur shiny and healthy all year long.

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