Are Siberian Huskies Excellent Hunting Dogs?

It is no secret that the main purpose of the Siberian Husky from the very beginning of the breed’s origin was the service of the peoples of the Far North. So, they were harnessed to teams to move people and transport goods were involved in the protection of homes and even entrusted small children under their care. What about hunting? Is it possible to take a husky with you on a hike for a game or a predatory animal? Let’s figure it out together!

Are Siberian Huskies Good Hunting Dogs?

The Siberians have a lot of positive qualities, and well-developed hunting instincts are just one of them. Few people know that in the North the owners do not feed their dogs. They get food for themselves. As soon as the snow melts, the team is dismissed. Dogs themselves hunt down rodents, birds, and even hares. Huskies, united in a flock, can even drag a goat out of the herd.

Important! That is why many dog handlers recommend keeping these dogs away from cats and decorative rodents.

Can the husky become a hunting partner for humans? Quite. These beautiful dogs have more than enough innate instincts. With them, it is quite possible to go on a hare hunt, both winter and summer. In pursuit of prey, these pets show courage, passion, and excellent speed. An easy instinct and the ability to adapt to any climate, the ability to make independent decisions – all these qualities are present in the husky.

If the husky has attacked the trail of the beast, it will never make too much noise. For this, they are also appreciated by modern hunters. In the company of these dogs, they go to rams, roe deer, and kulans. Sometimes these pets are attracted to hunting duck, swamp game, fur-bearing animals. Some dogs demonstrate amazing results in tracking wild boars and bears. They pursue them tirelessly and react to pain.

Important! You can’t use Huskies for hunting wolves. They are too close to them.

If the owner wants the Siberian Husky to go hunting with him, training the dog in this direction should be started as early as possible. It is worth starting training with learning voice commands. You need to be prepared for the fact that huskies can get too carried away with the tracking process. Also, do not rely on the fact that the dog will bring a shot game. However, with persistent and proper training, this can be completely corrected.

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