When Do Siberian Husky Ears Stand Up?

Siberian huskies are not the most problematic and capricious dogs. Puppies usually grow well and quickly, get stronger and gain weight. They usually do not bring trouble to their owners, but there is one point that they encounter quite often – ears. This is not about diseases of the hearing organs, but about the fact that the ears of the puppy do not take the standing position characteristic of the breed standard. It is with this complaint that most owners of small huskies seek help from a veterinarian.

When Will My Husky Ears Stand Up?

Newborn puppies are naturally lop-eared. As they grow, the ear tissue gradually lifts up on the cartilage. The setting process is usually completed before the dog moves into a new home. However, one should not think that this applies to absolutely all representatives of the breed. So, in some puppies, the ears occupy a standard position at 1.5 months, while in another dog they can remain drooping up to six months of age.

It is important for the owner to remember that this natural process is different for each dog. If the ears of a two-month-old baby are still hanging, then the time has not come yet. Most likely, his body lacks calcium and vitamins.

What If the Ears Do Not Rise?

If the husky is 6-7 months old, and the cart, or rather, the ears, are still there, you need to think about solving the problem. The first thing to do is show your pet to the vet. The specialist will be able to determine the exact cause of the problem. Perhaps the dog’s impure blood is to blame. Perhaps his body lacks vitamins.

After that, you can try to fix the problem – put the ears on the pet. In extreme cases, this requires surgery. But this is the most difficult and dangerous method. Usually, owners refuse such operations, fearing to cause stress and damage to the pet’s health.

Bonding is considered a good alternative to surgery. It can be done either by a veterinarian or by yourself. With the help of plasters and cotton swabs, you can put your ears in the right position, in which they will continue to be. For those who do not want to bother with self-production, you can purchase ready-made inserts. They are usually made of plastic or dense rubber. The inserts are gently inserted one at a time into each ear and secured with a soft plaster. With the help of plaster, the ears of the dog are also connected to each other. The husky should wear a bandage for about two weeks. If the ears are still not in the desired position, the procedure can be repeated.

While the puppy is wearing the bandage, it is necessary to pay sufficient attention to its nutrition. The diet should be saturated with calcium, vitamin “D” and other substances and elements useful for bones and joints. This is especially important for those pets who are going through a period of changing teeth. At this time, ears that have already risen may fall again.

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