15 Pros and Cons of Owning Norwegian Elkhounds

Choosing a dog breed is a very responsible and important step. Prospective breeders should be fully aware of the responsibility they take on. A dog, like any living creature on the planet, requires attention, love, proper systematic care, investment. Having decided to get a dog, it is very important to decide on the breed and sex of the future pet. It will not be superfluous to visit exhibitions, private kennels, communicate with experienced dog breeders, find out as much information as possible about the selected dog breed in the literature or on sites dedicated to our faithful four-legged friends. You can also visit places and areas for walking dogs, observe the behavior of a particular breed.

#1 The Norwegian Elk is an energetic, active animal that does not like to lie idle on the couch.

#2 The ideal owner is an athlete, hunter, or a family that enjoys hiking and outdoor recreation and regularly goes in for sports.

#3 An Elkhound is a good watchdog but not a good guard.

They are usually very friendly, even to strangers, and are not known to attack anyone. It is not an aggressive or dangerous dog in any sense of the word.

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