15 Reasons Why Border Collies are the Best Dogs Ever

Border Collies are extremely energetic and require at least four hours of activity per day. Anything from an active walk/run to playing in the park will do.

It is worth noting that keeping such a dog in an apartment is unreasonable, and not only because of its size but also because it will be very difficult for a collie to realize its instincts.

If you have a collie as a pet in a private house, then you have nothing to fear – the collie is a very intelligent breed and is quite capable of living on its own, provided that the owner continues to fill their bowls.

However, dogs are quite playful, so from time to time you still have to be distracted.

It is desirable – every day and also for a couple of hours a day since collies really need to communicate with a person and often fall into a neurotic state if they are not able to get it. Socializing with other dogs is also highly recommended.

But collies do not get along with small children or other pets. And the reason is not aggression, as is sometimes the case with other types of dogs, but a banal desire of the collie to drive everything that is smaller than her into the flock.

This is literally programmed in the dog in basic instincts, so the only way out is to transfer the dog to other hands. However, stories are known of cases when such dogs quietly got along with other animals.

The rest of the Border Collie is an extremely intelligent dog, so there will be no problems with training or training. Collies are often able to learn basic commands without a dog handler, but if you have the opportunity to train with a professional, then it should not be neglected.

#1 Well suited for herding and canine sports.

#2 Without active mental and physical exertion, he will disassemble your apartment to pieces.

#3 Affectionate, intelligent, easy to train, loves children.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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