15 Undeniable Truths Only Bull Terrier Pup Parents Understand

General form. Bull Terrier is muscular, mobile. The dog has a cheerful disposition, it can be disciplined. Calm and positive training is required.

The breed standard implies the excellent shape of the animal, it must have a dense and stocky constitution that does not allow any kinks. Bull Terriers rarely have obvious anatomical abnormalities, except for deafness, which has recently been quite rare, since most of the world’s nurseries test their breeders for genetic diseases. This defect can be considered a disqualifying sign that makes the animal unsuitable for breeding, so as not to fix this defect in the offspring.

#1 Tuckered out full sploot

#2 Empty baskets don’t stay empty for long

#3 He has perfected the 90 degree angle on the couch…such a weirdo

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