16 Pictures That Prove Huskies Are Perfect Weirdos

Disobedience is the main characteristic of the husky breed, this happens because the dog is smart and does not need to be told what to do. Husky is a very independent breed that prefers to dominate. If you allow the dog to disobey one day, he will think that the owner approves of this behavior, and will continue to behave this way in the future.

The main problem of the husky dog ​​breed is its tendency to run away. This is not because the dog does not like the owner. Not at all! It’s just that he has an innate tendency to run away. To escape, the dog needs to free itself. Even when locked up, the husky will find a way. They can gnaw through a fence, climb over it, or even dig a tunnel (they love to dig) to escape. Huskies can even open locks (bolts, latches). No matter how much you try to restrict their freedom, they will not obey. Training courses have no effect on their need to escape. So when getting a puppy, set up a good fence.

Disobedience is a characteristic of the husky breed. These dogs are naturally naughty and love companionship, especially with other dogs. They have no feelings of attachment, which allows them to ignore people’s commands. They disregard human orders, huskies obey their instincts. Disobedience is not a deliberate decision for them.

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