16 Things Only Golden Retriever Owners Will Understand

The Golden Retriever is an excellent companion and best friend of a hunter. He is good-natured, calm, excellently serves upshot game.

Ideal hosts for the Golden Retriever are families with children, as well as active people who love outings and long walks. For couch potatoes and adherents of a relaxed pace of life, the dog will deliver more inconvenience than positive emotions.

Despite their friendly and outgoing nature, retrievers need nurturing and a steady hand. A dog that does not recognize the master’s authority becomes uncontrollable and can create a lot of problems.

Golden Retrievers have a real passion for water and take a bath with pleasure in any open water body, and if overlooked, in puddles.

#1 We cute?

#2 Тoo tired to walk after the dog park lol

#3 Happy

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