17 Beautiful English Bulldog Tattoos

The English Bulldog is not only an excellent bodyguard but also a true friend. Even if for some reason you feel sad at heart, this stocky “Englishman” with a funny face will definitely be able to cheer you up. But if a large head, a lot of wrinkles, and folds on the face can cheer, then the abundant salivation inherent in dogs can push someone away. The English Bulldog has a very characteristic appearance that cannot be confused with any other. Because of his appearance, it can give the impression that the pet is inherently clumsy and slow. However, if a real danger arises for him or the owner, then the dog will react quickly and be able to defend himself. The four-legged native of Foggy Albion has a calm disposition and balanced character. These traits are combined with courage and even stubbornness.

Would you like to have a tattoo with this dog?

#1 Arm Bulldog Idea

#2 3d Tattoo Design

#3 English Bulldog Tattoo

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