How to Care for an English Bulldog

English Bulldog care is incredibly easy. But this does not mean at all that there are no details that require special attention. Consider a few simple rules for the constant care of the breed.

How to Take Care of an English Bulldog

The numerous folds and wrinkles on the dog’s face require special attention. They need to be wiped off at regular intervals. This will not amount to labor, but the absence of such a hygienic procedure can lead to serious consequences. Don’t let moisture build up in these folds. If wet hygiene is required, be sure to wipe the folds dry afterward.

The short and smooth coat of the Bulldogs is easy to comb out. In addition, such a procedure will bring real pleasure to the pet. The procedure should be carried out with a stiff natural fiber brush. It is enough to comb your four-footed friend 2-3 times a week.

Bulldogs don’t really need bathing. If you notice that the coat is dusty, wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge. Frequent wetting and bathing can lead to dry skin and peeling. The coat will also begin to lose its gloss and smoothness.

Watch the length of the nails. You should cut it regularly, if you can’t do it yourself, then you can contact a specialist.

The English Bulldog needs to brush its teeth regularly. The lack of a procedure will lead to the rapid formation of tartar, which will inexorably lead to inflammation of the gums, periodontal disease. Brushing should be done with baby tooth powder. Wrap a few layers of gauze around your finger, wet it, and lightly dip it in powder. The dog, of course, will not rinse his mouth, but you should not worry – the toothpowder will not harm the dog’s health if swallowed.

Despite its awkwardness and some slowness, it seems that physical activity is not about the English Bulldog. Of course, the frantic running after the ball or badminton shuttlecock in 5 minutes will exhaust the poor bulldog. And excessive cardio loads are harmful to the breed. But long hour-long leisurely walks will help the dog to be in shape and not be obese.

The English Bulldog does not stand out for any exquisite care requirements and this is another big plus in the breed’s piggy bank.

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