17 Best Memes with Basset Hounds

Representatives of this breed categorically do not want to give up their favorite habits, preferring to change the lifestyle of their own owners as a compromise. For example, all Basset Hounds are tightly “hooked” on comfort, so if the pet has chosen a specific place in the apartment, it is almost impossible to move its shelter to another part of the house. The solitude and loneliness of dogs are also not happy, so if for some reason you did not take the basset hound with you, and he really wanted to, get ready for small dirty tricks. They love eared ears and lie on sofas, from the first months of life, almost reflexively climbing onto the master’s bed. Moreover, a secret passion for soft featherbeds remains even among those individuals who, it would seem, have been weaned from this habit. Left the house for an hour? You can rest assured that the Basset Hound will not miss the opportunity to take advantage of your absence and relax on your own bed.

We have selected the best memes with these dogs for you 🙂

#1 Note to burglars please watch your step.

#2 Protest. Hound style.

#3 And your point is?

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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