17 Best Pomeranian Memes

The owners of these charming Pomeranians note their good-natured nature, unbridled curiosity, and cheerful enthusiasm with which fluffy balls are exploring the world even within the apartment. You should not start a Spitz as a decorative dog, with which you can lie on the couch and watch your favorite movie. The Pomeranian prefers active games, and a walk in the fresh air is a delight at all. A dog of this breed will gladly bring a thrown ball, chase after a pigeon nesting on the curb, and rush to protect the owner from the “threat”. In general, a fun walk with a fluffy fidget is guaranteed.

Check out the funniest Pomeranian memes below!

#1 What kind of a dog doesn’t bark?

#2 I’m a Pomeranian… I’m good at barking…

#3 Fluffy dog or snowball with face

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