19 Breed Reviews: Siberian Husky (Part 2)

Huskies, as very athletic and hardy dogs with a compact build and a kind soul, have won world love. Many families start this breed because it is quite friendly with everyone, but in fact, this dog establishes a strong relationship with only one person and for life. Today we will talk about huskies and try to figure out what kind of dogs they are.

#1 Active, non-aggressive, friendly, beautiful

The dog will perceive alien cats, guinea pigs, and other small animals as prey. It happens and stubborn. Requires walking and regular grooming.

#2 Kind, blue-eyed handsome men, loyal, descendants of wolves.

Dogs with this breed are very playful and love to howl, bark, and especially eat. This breed of dogs loves to run a lot, as they say, a dog for driving, but this is not so, this breed, like all other dogs, loves to destroy everything around itself to gnaw.

#3 You won’t get bored with this dog! Cheerful and friendly. Faithful friends.

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