17 Pros and Cons of Owning Shiba Inu Dogs

The Shiba Inu is a beautiful spitz-like dog. You will collect compliments and easily meet girls if a Shiba Inu is cowardly next to you. Shibas attract attention. Your dog will be called a chanterelle, and in childhood, she will be the most real teddy bear.

In practice, the fox’s appearance poses a lot of problems for the Shiba Inu Dogs. Many fall in love with adorable chubby but are unaware of their special character, which looks reasonable for an Akita, but unexpected for a Shiba, a small dog.

#1 Very independent and very clean.

Many of these dogs not only lick their paws after a walk but also help clean up other furry family members.

#2 Their innate cleanliness helps them in toilet training – even a small puppy will be uncomfortable peeing at home.

Shibas prefer to bypass puddles and generally do not particularly like getting wet.

#3 They are not noisy.

Shiba Inu bark rarely and to the point. Hearing strange sounds, the Shiba will grab your attention and shut up.

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