19 Breed Reviews: Siberian Husky

#16 Friendly. Will not make you bored. Suitable for both an apartment and a house. Gets along with other animals.

#17 Not suitable for lazy people. It is often lost. No protective..

The Siberian Husky is a very active breed. She needs a tremendous amount of attention. Walking for 2-4 hours, several times a day.

Dog for sports. For exhibitions. For breeding. For the soul.

An excellent companion and loyal friend.

This breed is strong-willed, so it very often runs away and gets lost ...

These dogs are not for the chain. Even if you put her on a chain, then you will not see any security qualities. If thieves break into your house, the husky will meet them as his own, lick, kiss. Very friendly dog.

I advise this breed only to active people.

#18 Cute. Kind, affectionate.

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