19 Interesting Facts About Mandarin Ducks

The mandarin bird is not just a duck. It is interesting to researchers due to its unusual plumage, thanks to which the mandarin duck is often called the most beautiful of all ducks, and its way of life. Since it lives in a rather limited area, zoologists have successfully settled it in other countries, as its natural habitats are steadily decreasing under the onslaught of human civilization.

  • Only males have a crest on the head. In females, it is absent, and in general, their plumage is less bright.
  • On average, the weight of an adult mandarin duck does not exceed half a kilo, although some individuals weigh 600-700 grams each.
  • In the old literature, the mandarin duck is often referred to as the “Chinese duck”, for its habitat in the wild.
  • This bird got its name “mandarin duck” due to the unusually bright color of plumage. In China, nobles always brightly and luxuriantly dressed were called mandarins, hence the name.
  • Mandarin males do not quack, but squeak, moreover, in high and thin voices.
  • Among all species of ducks, only mandarin duck live in trees, and not on land or in coastal thickets.
  • Mandarin duck nests usually set up their nests at a low height, no more than 4-6 meters.
  • Like other ducks, they feed on frogs and other amphibians. At the same time, tangerines willingly include oak acorns in their menu.
  • These birds fly well, but their way of taking off deserves special attention. They are able to rise into the air almost vertically both from water and from the ground.
  • In total, today the population of mandarins is estimated at about 25,000 individuals.
  • Already 6 weeks after hatching from the egg, the chicks of these ducks learn to fly.
  • In winter, tangerines, like other ducks, fly away to warm lands, but in early spring they return back, overcoming many thousands of kilometers on their journey.
  • Despite the ban on hunting mandarin duck, sometimes they become victims of hunters, and quite by accident. During the moult, which they have twice a year, they lose their bright plumage and become like common wild ducks, and they are easily confused.
  • At home, tangerines are also bred, for decorative purposes. But they are very expensive.
  • The lifespan of these amazing birds reaches 10-12 years.
  • Unlike most other species of birds, in mandarins, both parents are actively involved in raising and raising offspring.
  • Every year mandarin ducklings build a new nest and never use the same place twice.
  • Most ducks dive easily, but not tangerines. They can do scuba diving too, but they usually hide underwater only in case of danger.
  • Tangerines form a pair for life, a true example of loyalty.
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