7 Interesting Facts About the Great Bittern

The Great Bittern is a large bird related to herons and storks. Despite the fact that it is widespread in central Russia, it is possible to meet it infrequently – it is currently under threat of extinction, although until recently this bird was one of the inhabitants of the forests near Moscow.

  • A great bittern can make very loud screams, which she does during the mating season. The cry of this bird can be heard at a distance of 3-4 kilometers.
  • The cry of a great bittern is like the roar of a bull.
  • In case of danger, this bird prefers to hide to the last, and only in a very hopeless situation does it rise into the air and fly away.
  • Great bittern is one of the few birds that prefer to build nests on bog bumps. However, its nests usually do not differ in neat construction.
  • A great bittern lays only three to eight eggs per year.
  • The great bittern is a notorious predator. It mainly feeds on frogs, insects, and fish, but on occasion, it can easily eat some rodent or even a smaller bird.
  • In some parts of Europe, a great bittern does not fly away for the winter, preferring to wait out the winter on the spot. If the winter turns out to be very cold, the bitterns die.
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