7+ Pros and Cons of Owning an Airedale Terrier

The Airedale Terrier is a British black-backed hunting dog breed, bred for baiting river rats and otters. It is distinguished by increased emotionality and an elegant exterior: a neat, stylishly disheveled beard and coarse hair all over the body.


The Airedale Terrier is a positive energetic joker who is difficult to cram into frames, but with whom it is quite possible to agree on peaceful coexistence. The pronounced independence of animals, inherited from the terrier clan, can cause certain inconveniences to the owner, so opponents of any difficulties should prefer some spineless decorative creature to the representative of this breed.

But you really won’t get bored with the airedale, so if you urgently need an active companion with your own views on life in general and friendship in particular, take a closer look at this bearded “meteor”.


The hair of the Airedale Terrier needs to be brushed once or twice a week, and this will be sufficient. Always keep your pet’s ears clean. The nails are usually trimmed three times a month, and the dog is bathed at least once a week.


A dog of the Airedale breed needs education and training, both because of the need to form the correct character and the development of obedience and because of the high energy, which simply needs to be put somewhere. The owner must show consistency and consistency, and training should not be monotonous, otherwise, the dog will quickly become bored and will have to be forced.

In any case, you must, on the one hand, be strict, and on the other hand, do not go too far and have a good sense of humor combined with patience. The Airedale dog breed can be trained both in basic commands, this is mandatory, and more complex, depending on what is required of it. It should be noted that the breed often takes part in various canine disciplines at exhibitions.

The first obedience lessons are taught at home, in a familiar, relaxed atmosphere. The puppy must understand that now you are its leader, and independence and self-will are now over. Sometimes the owners of teenage dogs complain about the mistrust and cowardice of their dogs. Don’t worry, this is normal behavior for a 3-6-month-old Airedale. The so-called passive-defensive reaction is characteristic of many growing dogs, but it never turns into a character trait, disappearing without a trace as the animal grows up.


  • Consistent and good memory – during training, the pet is able to quickly memorize a command. Thanks to this, Airedale terriers make good working dogs;
  • Devotion and fearlessness – the pet is always ready to fight for the owner, even if the balance of forces is not in his favor. There are many known cases in which wounded Airedale Terriers defended their owners to the last;
  • Emotional stability – a well-mannered Airedale will not have outbursts of aggression, he will not just attack a person. True, this does not apply to animals, here they are driven by instincts;
  • Treat family members well. The Airedale is usually cheerful and happy to keep company.


  • Willfulness and stubbornness – because of these qualities, raising a pet can be difficult, and even after it has been trained, sometimes it suddenly loses interest in completing the owner’s tasks and decides to go about his business. It is very difficult to convince him in such cases;
  • Too active – he requires a lot of attention, and it’s good if the family has someone to play with every day. If you do not pay enough attention to the pet, he will start to get angry in every possible way. It also takes time to train it: they will have to be spent not only with a young dog but also with an adult;
  • The need to take care of the coat – regular combing and trimming are required, and it is better to hire a specialist for trimming;
  • Hunting instincts often prevent him from getting along with other pets, in addition, neighbors may be unhappy that he chases their cats and dogs.
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Written by Alice White

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