Airedale Terrier: Temperament

A dog is the embodiment of the dream of an ideal friend who will unconditionally love, protect and rejoice in every millimeter of attention to himself. People sculpted dogs like sculptures – carving different breeds for their needs, for aesthetic tastes. One of these brilliant creations is the Airedale Terrier.

Airedale Temperament

“King of Terriers” – this is what they call a dog that can hunt a jaguar, work as a guide, guard a child and pull a team. They carried out patrol and guard service, worked in the coast guard and on the railroad, “collaborated” with the Red Cross, and became the true aristocrats of the canine world.

The temperament of the Airedale is rather peculiar.

Airedale is multifaceted and versatile, will cope with any task with honor, and become, at your request, a security guard, an athlete, a hunter, or just a companion.

By nature, the Airedale is a magnificent animal full of ebullient energy, ideally combining the qualities of a family pet and a vigilant watchman. These dogs are compared to the stretched bowstring of a bow: a moment – and an arrow in flight.

The temperament of the Airedale is characterized by selfless devotion. The famous Austrian ethologist, Nobel Prize laureate Konrad Lorenz called the Airedale (along with the German Shepherd Dogs) the most faithful dog breed.

The Airedale is a sensitive, fearless, and formidable watchman. He does not show aggression for no reason, never attacks first, and although he is distrustful of outsiders, he maintains friendly neutrality and behaves quite friendly. However, peacefulness disappears instantly, as soon as someone encroaches on your safety or property. Airedale will not hesitate to come to your defense. Be careful: in the event of aggression, these dogs tend to exceed the measure of necessary self-defense.

Airedale terriers are excellent athletes. Tireless, reckless, and temperamental, they are able to brilliantly perform at any competition.

Given the opportunity, the Airedale terrier is still an excellent rat-catcher and hunter. On the hunt, these dogs successfully replace retrievers, cops, or spaniels.

Airedale terriers are extremely intelligent. They lend themselves well to training and grasp everything on the fly. As a rule, they can be taught a team in less than a quarter of an hour. Moreover, they are susceptible not only to words but also to any change in intonation.

However, thoughtless submission and servility are alien to the character of the Airedale. Airedale terrier always reserves the right to choose and may be stubborn. Therefore, it can be difficult for a novice or a supporter of army discipline who lives by the principle of “fell – squeezed out”, in this case, it is better to look for a more accommodating dog.

If your pet does not see you as a fair, respectable partner, he can become almost uncontrollable.

Of course, he will love and protect you, but there is no question of obedience here. Airedale terrier will only do what he considers necessary himself, ignoring, in his opinion, “valuable instructions” that are not worth attention. But correct and consistent training works wonders.

Unlike the German Shepherd, the Airedale will never see the leader in the owner. Consider this feature. It is important to prove convincingly that you are capable of offering profitable, worthy partnerships. And the airedale partner is great.

The Airedale needs to feel loved and respected. He has not only a developed intellect but, like an elephant, keeps everything in his head. Therefore, if you show rudeness or physical strength towards him, he will certainly remember this in the most inappropriate situation and behave destructively.

The Airedale is an excellent family dog. It easily adapts to any conditions and rhythm of life. Representatives of the breed are always in a good mood, cheerful and playful. They get along well with other animals.

By nature, Airedale is unobtrusive. At home, they know how to be invisible, and if they feel that you are tired or you are not up to the dog, they will calmly go to their place, they will not interfere. However, one has only to think about it – the pet is right there, ready to communicate, entertain or go for a walk.

Airedale terriers are too intelligent to get involved in street fights. But if they are forced to fight, they will stand to the end and can do a good job of “patting” someone else’s dog.

Despite some independence and independence, Airedale terriers, thanks to their many positive qualities, easily win the love of all family members.

Airedale Terriers and Children

Airedale terriers are great for all family members, including children. Cheerful and mobile, they gladly take part in children’s games, and, if necessary, will defend the little master.

Airedale terriers patiently accept children’s pranks, calmly endure familiar treatment. They will not deliberately offend the child. However, consider their activity – dogs can injure or push your child through negligence. Therefore, very young children should not be left alone with a pet.

Please note that Airedales are jealous of property, including food and toys. Teach your child to respect your four-legged friend. Also, the dog should not be disturbed while sleeping.

Tell the children how to discern the nuances of the emotional state of the Airedale. It is not difficult – representatives of the breed very clearly demonstrate all shades of mood through the position of the ears and the expression of the eyes. Then your child will notice in time when the dog starts to get irritated.

If a four-legged friend does not want to take part in children’s fun, he should be able to retire.

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  1. I have an opportunity to get a pup. I have 3 dogs. 2 kerry blues and 1 standard poodle. They have always been nice to new pups and excepted them, will my airedale pup be well behaved with my dogs? . My boys are entire

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