9 Turkish Cat Names With Meanings

Not only worth considering for a Turkish van: Turkish cat names convince with charm and sound like the magic of the Orient. We present beautiful names for the house tiger from A to Z and explain their meaning.

If a cat is about to move in, the question of the perfect name arises. Turkish cat names sound adorable to many. They exude an oriental flair and are an excellent choice for cats and cats.

In the following, we introduce you to male cat names and female cat names.


Wild, free and powerful: Aslan means “the lion” and is a male name in Turkey. It is also a suitable choice for hangovers.


Boncuk is a popular cat name in Turkey. It means “little pearl” and can be given to both male and female cats.


A cat quickly becomes a best friend, so this name is 100% apt. Elif means “friend” or “the one you want”. Sounds like a great decision when it comes to choosing a name for a female.


For heroes on four paws: Erol means “be heroic” and is an outstanding choice of name for hangovers who are particularly brave and brave.


Filiz – a Turkish name for girls that makes a great choice for queens too. Regarding the meaning, it goes in the direction of botany. Filiz is translated as “small branch”, “offspring” or “bud”.


A hangover named Kaan – sounds great! Kaan means “the ruler” and is a suitable choice for male cats who like to take command.


A name for a ball of wool: Pamuk is a name for a female and means “cotton”. It is particularly best for cats with plushy soft fur, such as the British Shorthair.


Does the cat have orange fur? Then how about the name Portakal? It means “orange” and applies to cats.


Cats love to explore the world and are considered curious. This speaks for their intelligence. Zeki is a Turkish boy whose name originally comes from Arabic. Translated it means “the intelligent one” or “the witty one” and can be given to clever tomcats.

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