A Few Facts About Japanese Chins

There is simply no better option for a dog for a small apartment than a Japanese decorative Chin. These four-legged animals are small in size, intellectually developed, and extremely benevolent. For which they received wide distribution and recognition throughout the world.

Japanese Chins and Info About Them

In ancient times, miniature pretty dogs in their homeland were considered extremely valuable, almost sacred. Today everything has changed. People love the representatives of the breed. Read more about the features of fluffy dogs below:

Among other decorative dogs, these four-legged ones are distinguished by their calm and balanced temperament.

The life expectancy of representatives of this breed is 14 years. However, in order for a pet to be able to live to such a venerable age, it must be well looked after.

Chin will never follow on the heels of the owner. Although he belongs to the category of “pocket”, it will never demand attention and live only as one person. These pets are quite independent and can find something to do on their own.

Miniature “Japanese” are very active. But they are not adapted to serious physical activity and dog sports.

Chins are real favorites of children. However, to have a puppy in the house is only after the youngest child is five or six years old. Toddlers can accidentally offend a miniature pet and even harm it.

These complaisant animals are extremely calm to their own kind. They can easily get along with both dogs and cats, rodents or birds.

Although the Japanese Chin looks like a toy, it will not tolerate familiarity with itself.

These dogs do not require special care. All they need is the care, attention, and love of the owner.

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