All About Birds: Heron (22 Pics)

The heron is a rather big bird from the stork order, and it belongs to the heron family. In total, there are about 14 species of these birds in the world.

The most famous are: red, black, great blue, and gray heron.

Looking with an inexperienced gaze, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish a stork from a heron and a crane. However, these are completely different birds.

Herons from the same genus are similar in structure and appearance, lead almost the same lifestyle, but differ in size and color of plumage.

#1 The weight of an adult bird ranges from 1.5 to 2 kg.

In height, great herons sometimes reach one and a half meters. This is a fairly recognizable bird: due to a number of characteristic features, it is almost impossible to confuse it with other relatives.

#2 If we look at the photo of a heron, the most noticeable are the long, thin legs and the neck with a bend.

#3 In flight, this bird, unlike other storks, does not stretch, but folds its neck so that the back of its head lies on its back.

In the normal state, the neck is in a semi-folded state.

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